Editorial Photography

Taproot Magazine knitting article photographed by Heidi Kirn Photography

Heidi Kirn Photography was thrilled to collaborate again this month with Taproot Magazine . We photographed a feature on a knitting pattern. How adorable are these toadstool doll and leaf set? (and the models are pretty adorable too!) (secret fun fact: Heidi Kirn was also the magazine designer of this issue)

Taproot Magazine is an ad-free, independent print publication celebrating food, farm, family, and craft. Their mission is to build and support the vibrant community of people participating in both the practical and fine arts, to craft handmade lives, by producing quality, unique, beautiful, positive, and heartfelt print media and an online marketplace selling a curated selection of prints, craft kits, and handmade goods. HOW AMAZING IS THAT??? Wouldn’t you love to support this type of publication? You can subscribe here.

If you are in the Portland area you MUST stop into the market to browse the amazing items on sale there including magazines, books, calendars. They share the space with Milk & Honey of Swallowtail Farm, a farm cafe and apothecary.  

Below are a few sample layouts and images from the current magazine TEND. Had a blast taking these photos. I hope that you get your hands on the whole issue! It is beautiful!